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Insulation pipes are collectively referred to. There are fiberglass insulation bushings, PVC bushings, heat shrink tubing, Teflon casings, ceramic bushings, etc. Insulation technology is an interdisciplinary integrated technology involving many engineering fields such as material research, structural design, test methods, and process research, as well as materials, electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering. The insulating tube is made of an alkali-free glass tube coated with an electrical insulating tube formed by plasticizing a modified polyvinyl chloride resin. It has excellent softness and elasticity as well as good dielectric and chemical resistance. It is suitable for wiring insulation and mechanical protection of motors, electrical appliances, instruments, radios and other devices.

Insulation paper can be used according to the thickness of the insulation. The staff can adjust according to the actual length required. The insulating paper tape is also clean and clean, which can effectively guarantee the performance of insulating media and ash damage. Insulation refers to the sealing and isolation of a charged body by an insulating material. Good insulation is also the basic condition for ensuring the normal operation of the electrical system. Electrical Properties of Insulating Materials Insulating materials, also known as dielectrics, have little electrical conductivity but are not absolutely non-conductive.

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