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Insulation material is able to prevent the current through the material, has the very big resistance to the DC current in DC voltage, in addition to the surface of tiny leakage current, it is almost not conductive, and for alternating current through the capacitor current, but also that is not conductive. Antistatic products are made of insulating materials.

The greater the resistivity of the insulating material, the better the insulation performance. Insulating materials are essential materials in electrical products, and the proportion of electrical equipment is very large.
In general, electrical and electrical equipment are made up of conductor materials, magnetic materials, insulating materials and structural materials. In addition to insulating materials, all other are metal materials. Motor and electrical appliances are inevitably affected by various factors such as temperature, electricity and mechanical stress and vibration, harmful gases, chemicals, dampness, dust and radiation. These factors have a more significant effect on the insulating material than the other materials. It can be said that the insulating material is more sensitive to these factors, and it is easy to deteriorate and deteriorate, causing the electrical equipment to be damaged. Therefore, the insulation material is the key material to determine the reliability of the motor and electrical equipment.

Insulating material is one of the key factors to determine the economic and economic indicators of electrical and electrical equipment. One of the important technical and economic indicators of the motor is the ratio of the mass to power, that is, the kg/kw value. Reducing the ratio is of great significance to the motor. From the cost situation of motor and electrical products, the cost of insulation materials is about half, which indicates the position and role of insulating materials in motor and electrical industry.

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