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With the development of electrical industry, laminated plastic products with high insulation, high strength, high temperature resistance and suitability for various environments have appeared one after another. Copper clad laminates for printed circuit board also developed rapidly due to the needs of the electronics industry. China’s electrical and electronic laminated products are gradually developed after the liberation. China’s thermoset laminates have formed a more complete series.

Epoxy Laminating End Ring

In recent years, with the rapid development of solar cell industry, solar cell laminate is more and more produced, and applied to many aspects of life, and its production technology is also rising continuously. Huang Hao and other people found that the solar cell laminate under the mechanical load, even if it deforms of varying degrees, it does not necessarily have a greater impact on the performance of the battery. Under the given component size data, withstand the mechanical static load of 5,400 Pa stipulated in IEC61215, component deformation will not lead to performance problems such as cracking and splitting of the cell inside the module.

Li Yinbo and others found that different bonding methods have obvious influence on the stress and deformation of the solar cell laminate and the aluminum alloy frame adhesive joint, in which the elastic modulus of the adhesive layer has a greater influence on the stress between the solar laminate and the aluminum alloy frame. When choosing the connection mode between the solar cell laminate and the aluminum alloy, understanding the stress and deformation rules can guide the long-term normal operation of the module under the action of complicated climatic conditions of wind, snow and icing.

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