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1. Composite material innovation
Composite technology development innovations include composite, composite technology development, product development of composite materials and the application of composite material, the specific development of innovation, to seize the resin matrix reinforced material development and innovation, development of production process innovation and product innovation in application development. By 2007, Asia will account for the total sales volume of composite materials from 18% to 25%. At present, the consumption per capita in Asia is only 0.29kg, while the US is 6.8kg. The Asian region has great potential for growth.

2. Development of polyacrylonitrile based fiber
The development of China’s carbon fiber industry is slow. From the review of CF development, the characteristics, the development process of domestic carbon fiber, the general situation and characteristics of China’s PAN based CF market, and the “fifteen” technological breakthrough, it is necessary and possible to develop polyacrylonitrile based fibers.

3. Structural adjustment of glass fiber
Our 70% above for glass fiber reinforced materials, has a cost advantage in the international market, but on the quality specification and in developed countries there are still gaps, we must improve and develop the yarn, woven fabrics, non woven fabrics, knitted fabric, sewing fabric, composite mat, glass fiber and glass two steel industry to promote close cooperation promote the development of new materials, glass fiber reinforced.

4. Developing the energy and transportation composite material market
First, composite materials for clean and renewable energy, including composite materials for wind power generation, composite materials for FGD, composite materials for power transmission and transformation equipment and natural gas and hydrogen high pressure vessels.
Second, composite materials for vehicle and urban rail transit, including car body, frame and car body outer covering, rail traffic body, door, seat, cable slot, cable rack, grille, electrical box and so on.
Third, the composite material used for civil aircraft, mainly carbon fiber composites. The thermoplastic composites account for about 10%. The main products are wing components, vertical fin, head hood and so on. In the next 20 years, China needs to add 661 support line aircraft, which will form the big industry of the civil aircraft, and the composite materials can be built into a new industry.
Forth, the composite materials for boats, mainly for yachts and fishing boats. Yachts as a high-end entertainment and durable consumer goods have a large market in Europe and America. Due to the reduction of fish resources in China and the slow development of fishing vessels, the unique advantages of composite materials still have room for development.

5. Application of fiber composite material infrastructure
Composite materials are widely applied in bridges, houses and roads at home and abroad. Compared with traditional materials, composite materials have many advantages compared with traditional materials, especially on bridges and in building reinforcement, tunnel engineering and large storage repair and reinforcement.

6. Comprehensive treatment and regeneration of composite materials
Focus on the development of physical recycling (crushing and recycling), chemical recycling (pyrolysis) and energy recovery, research on comprehensive treatment technology to strengthen the construction of the production line, technical route, demonstration, research on recycling. Vigorously expand the application of recycled materials in gypsum, application in pultrusion products, application in SMC/BMC moulded products and application in typical products.

High performance resin based composite material technology in 21st Century is to give composite self repair and self decomposition, self diagnosis, self function of intelligent material development. In order to develop composite materials with high rigidity, high strength and high humidity and hot environment, we should build material system for forming, processing, designing and checking. The organization system will be alliance and collectivization, which will make full use of all aspects of resources (technology resources, material resources), closely related to all aspects of the advantages, in order to further promote the further development of the composite material industry.

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