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Ceramic insulating coatings are also a kind of insulating material widely used in today’s society. Its emergence has solved many industrial insulation problems. The times are changing, and the insulation materials are constantly innovating and developing on the basis of the original basis.

The ceramic insulation paint wants to seek a better development in the cruel social competition today, the challenge that needs to face is extremely grim. Now, fine coatings, high plastics, high temperature adhesives, synthetic rubber and synthetic fibers have become the five major synthetic materials. The coating industry belongs to the high and new technology industry, and its development level is one of the symbols of the developed level of the national chemical industry.

We are concerned about the impact of the insulation coating industry in China. In this kind of fierce competition, it is expected that in the next five to ten years, China’s insulation coating industry will have a great change. In the open and brutal competition, far sighted entrepreneurs must make their enterprises close to the advanced level of the world as soon as possible. They must improve their sense of quality and take greater steps in technological progress and technological innovation so as to ensure that they are in an unbeaten position.

In the earliest before the emergence of new F, H-class insulation system, have developed a polyester imide, polyimide, polymaleimide, polyphenylene ether and other heat-resistant insulating paint, adhesives and films , as well as modified epoxy, unsaturated polyester, polyaramid fiber paper and composite materials, and other new products. The heat-resistant grade of electrical products is mostly upgraded to B grade, and new F and H grade insulation materials have been adopted in special motors such as metallurgy, crane, locomotive motor and so on.

About the development trend of ceramic insulating coating, we introduce to you here. As people’s life and production more and more inseparable from the insulation material, the demand is also gradually increasing, but the material requirements are more stringent. Want to adapt to market competition, we must continue to innovate and improve.

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