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Paper products are: textile, plastic, paper cloth pipe type (weaving, yarn-dyed, printing and dyeing, knitted non-woven fabric, soft plastic coil tube, paper coil tube, etc.). Chemical Fiber Paper Tube Category: Polyester, nylon, polypropylene vinylon and so on. Medical, sanitary materials, packaged food polypropylene cans are: proprietary Chinese medicine packaging, packaging, such as sanitary materials. At the same time, the company also designed and manufactured a special style of paper products and paper tube complete sets of equipment. such as spiral paper tube production machinery complete sets of equipment, chemical fiber paper tube series, a variety of roll cloth tube series, food packaging cans series of market by the user’s welcome.

Chemical Fiber paper tube machine automatic elbow machine is a large number of paper tube machinery kind of, in the small series here is not introduced in detail, but the inverter for paper tube machinery Energy-saving transformation do you know? In fact, it is due to the characteristics of the paper tube machine inverter to achieve the energy Saving paper machine: Low frequency torque output 180%, low frequency operating characteristics, the output frequency of the largest 600Hz, can control high-speed motor, rich and flexible input, output interface and control mode, universal.

Full range of detection and protection functions (overpressure, Undervoltage, overload) the instantaneous power failure to start again, high speed shutdown response to rapid acceleration, deceleration, stall prevention and other protection functions, motor dynamic Parameters Automatic identification function, to ensure the stability and accuracy of the system, the use of SMT full mount production and three paint treatment process, product stability is high, The whole series adopts the newest IGBT power devices to ensure high quality.

Industrial Paper tube production line can produce polyester filament poy, DIY, FDY, anti-fiber, tape, plastic film inner core, such as high-strength paper tube, wall thickness of 1-20m/m, paper layer I can reach 30 floors, the largest diameter to 500m/m, for the current Chinese advanced equipment. Compound cans production line can produce paper barrel body, aluminum, plastic, iron bottom lid composite cans, 1995 also developed a paper tube body, paper cover of the whole paper compound cans, cheaper and more beautiful. Composite cans can be used in food, chemical industry, light industry and other kinds of packaging.

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