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The reactor plays a yes-man all the time in the entire power industry. It is a means of reactive power compensation, but it also plays an indispensable role. What do you know about this guy?

First let’s get to know the G11 epoxy plate. G11 epoxy plate is one of the best materials in the epoxy plate. It has good heat resistance (160-180 °C), flame retardancy (UL 94V-0), low water absorption (water absorption rate is almost 0, water absorption after 24 hours, water absorption rate is only 0.09%), high heat stress (288 °C) and so on. I think you have guessed what the insulating material on the reactor is. Yes, it’s the G11 epoxy plate. Now I will talk to you specifically, what is the role it has on the reactor?

Delaying senility: The insulation materials in reactors need to withstand the load and the surrounding environment caused by reactor operation. The total load, intensity and action time of these loads determine the life of insulation materials. The G11 epoxy plate is a new type of insulating material, which is less affected by the environment. This not only greatly increases the life of its own, but also postpones the aging of the reactor.

Antistatic: Due to the alternating magnetic field produced by the reactor operation, the static current is produced. Not only will it adsorb dust, but it is also a damage to the insulating material. The G11 epoxy plate can avoid this situation.

High temperature resistance: Under the effect of high temperature, electric field and magnetic field, the insulation material will gradually lose its mechanical and insulation properties. The high temperature resistance of the G11 epoxy plate is up to 160-180 degrees. Only when the temperature is exceeded, the material will be deformed and so on. In general, there is almost no more than this temperature. You can use it at ease.

Insulation: In order to ensure the safe operation of the reactor and prevent the broken short circuit caused by electrical conduction, the insulation is necessary.

The above is the function of G11 epoxy board I have collected for reactor. If there is something wrong, you are welcome to correct it, so as to ensure the reliability and accuracy of uploading data.

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