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DMD insulation paper grade B temperature resistance 130 degrees, F grade temperature resistance 155 degrees. Class B is white on the market, and Class F products are usually blue or pink to distinguish. Class F DMD insulation paper has a thickness between 0.10 mm and 0.45 mm, a width between 980 mm and 990 mm, and a larger slice size of 1000 mm * 900 mm. Class F DMD insulation paper is a shaped insulation material for Y series motors. It can be used as slot insulation, inter-turn and interlayer insulation, gasket insulation and transformer insulation for small and medium-sized motors.

DMD insulation paper is well used in many electrical appliances. Among the dry-type transformers, it has been recognized by the public for its excellent insulation. It is deeply concerned. The following is a small series for you to explain in the transformer. use. DMD insulation paper gas strength, and has a very low dielectric constant. It has good mechanical strength, is not brittle and is easy to machine. In addition, it still has excellent performance at high temperature, low temperature and in the case of large humidity and severe salt mist contamination, which depends on its stable molecular structure and chemical properties.

If the customer’s requirements for the color difference of the insulating paper are very strict, the number and size of the product should be confirmed, and the staff will cut the pattern from the reel conforming to the specification and check with the customer. After the requirements of the insulating paper are confirmed, the machine cuts the paper. Control the width of the reel, the conventional 31-inch, 35-inch, 43-inch, 47-inch roll width, etc., can be selected according to user requirements.

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