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With the development and progress of society,the country set a higher environmental principle about the degradation of waste materials and some environmental policy.The advantages of H-class Dry transformer are equipped with strong competitiveness in the future market.It will be popular in the users in the near future which will occupy a big part of the  market.This kind of dry transformer is a trend in the future China.The market prospect of dry transformer will be very broadness in the future.

The oil transformers were forbidden to install in the interior of rooms in the developed countries.The output of dry transformers is increasing year by year in China.Former foreign high and low voltage electrical products which occupy some important market except dry transformer.It hard to find foreign dry transformer in China.

China has been the largest the country of production and sales in recent 20 years.No matter the size of factory, product capacity and other aspects has been in the leading level in the world.

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