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Dry-type transformers also play an important role in the process of production and life. We will see a lot of windings when the dry-type transformers are opened. The windings of dry-type transformers have certain rules. .

Dry-type transformers

Dense winding means that the wires are closely tied together, and the layers cannot be delaminated or intersected during the winding. For example, a second layer is not allowed when winding one layer tightly, and there is no gap between the cable and the wire And crossovers.
1, the wiring is even and tight;
2, there is no knot, no cross, no overlap, and the upper layer has not fallen into the next layer.

dry transformer winding

Equivalent winding means that the distance between the wire and the wire is approximately the same. When the entire winding area is wound, the winding line should be close to the end control tape, but the upper end control tape is not allowed.
1, winding around the entire winding area;
2, the distance between the lines is approximately equal;
3. The lifting and retracting lines are all wound by end-control tape, and there is no upper-end control.


Go around
Two or more wires are wound in parallel to the same group of wires at the same time, and they are wound in parallel. Do not cross, do not hang the wires in the wrong position, and enter and exit the wires at right angles.

This winding method can be roughly divided into four cases:
A, the same group and around;
B. Different groups are wound around;
C. multiple sets of parallel winding;
D. different groups or the same group double-wound.

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