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Epoxy board is now commonly used in a material, the production of raw materials are epoxy resin, fiberglass cloth and so on. It is a composite material that needs to be pressed at high temperatures. In the production process, problems such as surface fading, blackening of the core, and surface area rubber may occur. This article talks about the problems and solutions that are easy to occur in the epoxy board pressing process.

1. The surface of the flower. The cause of this problem is uneven resin flow, moisture in the glass cloth, and too long preheating time. The resin with moderate fluidity should be used to control the heating time.

2. The core of the board is black and white around. This is caused by the excessive volatility of the resin, and the problem lies in the step of dipping.

3. Surface cracks. The thinner the board, the more likely it is to have this problem. Cracks may be caused by thermal stress, or they may be excessive pressure and pressure is not timely. The solution is to adjust the temperature and pressure.

4. Surface area glue. This is easy to occur in thick plates, the thickness of the plate is large, and the temperature transfer is slow, resulting in uneven flow of the resin.

5. Layering of the board. This may be caused by poor resin adhesion or excessive glass cloth. The reason is that the quality is too bad, because it is replaced with good quality raw materials.

6. The sheet slides out. Too much glue will cause this problem, and the ratio of the glue is very important.

7. The plate warp. Heat up and down is a physical law. If it is hot and cold, it will destroy internal stress and cause product deformation. At the time of production, the heating and cooling time should be sufficient.

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