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Electric Wood Board
Also known as glue wood board, full name epoxy phenolic laminates press board. The color is orange red and black. The size is 3-50mm*1000mm*1220/2000mm (thick * width * length). The use of high quality rubber wood bleaching wood paper and cotton paper as reinforcing material, and the raw materials of high purity, petrochemical total synthesis by reaction of phenolic resin is made of a resin adhesive for manufacturing do.

Under normal temperature, electrical performance and mechanical performance is good, the proportion of 1.45, less than 3 per thousand platness,

Used for motor, electrical equipment and insulation parts with high mechanical properties. The mechanical strength is good. It is mainly applied to the processing of insulating parts in ICT, ITE fixture, test fixture, silicone rubber key mold, tool plate, mould splint, table grinding pad, packing machine and so on.

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