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In the existing coil drying process requirements, rhombic dispensing paper completes the complex process of only one-time melting and permanent curing. After the coil is adhered to an unbreakable whole, it is necessary to ensure that the gap between the rhombic is clean and good for smooth oil removal. At the same time, rhombic dispensing paper should resist the immersion effect and heat aging effect in the hot oil environment, always keep no impurities and harmful components, pollute the transformer oil, and it is not easy to aging and reduce the insulation performance. life. These all put extra high demands on the quality of the rhombic dispensing paper.

Although the spliced paper takes up very little value in the transformer, it cannot be replaced in the transformer. It can be seen that the length of its life and the destructiveness caused by failure cannot be underestimated. In this sense, the rhombic paper market is not a low-cost alternative, but a high-end product that is in urgent need of higher quality and reliability.

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