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DLW202 Insulation materials elements for underground cables and transformer made in China

Electrical laminated wood sheet is widely used in transformers, transformers in the insulation, support materials. With the proportion of moderate, high mechanical strength, easy vacuum drying, easy machining advantages, the dielectric constant close to the transformer oil, with a reasonable insulation can be 105 ℃ long-term use of transformer oil. Electrician laminated wood in the oil-immersed transformer has been widely used in the manufacture of the upper and lower pressure plate, lead bracket, iron yoke pad and other parts used in the transformer to produce clips, it replaced the steel, insulating cardboard, epoxy cardboard, Epoxy glass cloth in these areas, thereby reducing the transformer’s weight and material costs. Electrician laminates are made of high-quality birch wood cooking, peeling, drying veneer, coated with a special insulating plastic, the high temperature, high pressure and made.

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