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First, under the general condition, the load of the power transformer is in the ideal state from 60 to 70%, and the loss of the transformer is small and the running cost is low.

Second, the temperature rise of power transformers exceeds 8 degrees centigrade, and the life span will be reduced by half. If its operating temperature exceeds the permissible range of the transformer winding insulation, the insulation is rapidly aging, even the windings are broken through, and the transformer is burned. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the operating temperature of the power transformer to achieve energy saving.

Third, the power transformer is unbalanced three-phase, and the maximum negative sequence current can not exceed 5% of the positive sequence current. If the transformer winding is connected, the current flowing through the middle line should not exceed 25% of the rated current of the transformer. Otherwise, the loss will be increased.

Forth, high order harmonics in power system will cause power loss. For power transformers, it is necessary to reduce or eliminate the high harmonics of the power supply system.

Fifth, if the load of the power transformer is allocated reasonably, if the distribution is improper, the heavy load is increased, the light load and the reactive power loss increase, and the power factor becomes worse.

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