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Epoxy resin is an organic polymer compound which generally contains two or more epoxy groups in the molecule, and their relative molecular mass is not high except for a few. The molecular structure of the epoxy resin is characterized by the presence of an active epoxy group in the molecular chain, and the epoxy group may be located at the end, in the middle or in a ring structure of the molecular chain. Since the molecular structure contains an active epoxy group, they can be cross-linked with various types of curing agents to form an insoluble, infusible polymer having a three-dimensional network structure.

The epoxy board is made of glass fiber cloth bonded with epoxy resin and heated and pressed. The model number is 3240. It has high mechanical properties at medium temperature and stable electrical properties at high temperatures. Suitable for high-insulation structural parts for machinery, electrical appliances and electronics, with high mechanical and dielectric properties for heat resistance and moisture resistance. Heat resistance class F (155 degrees celsius).

1, specification thickness: 0.3 ~ 100mm
2, conventional specifications: 1000mm * 2000mm
3, color: yellow
4, origin: domestic
5, under the condition of high temperature 180 °C, it is subject to heat deformation, generally not heated with other metals, which may cause deformation of the metal sheet.

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