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The epoxy resin industry in China is developing relatively late, starting from the 1950s. However, after decades of uninterrupted efforts, China’s epoxy resin industry has grown, now has more than a thousand manufacturers. As a developing country, the level of development of epoxy resin in China can not be compared with that in developed countries, but it is also a leader among similar countries. Throughout the history of the development of epoxy resin, the potential of human beings is really unlimited. It is true that science can benefit the society.

Epoxy laminating material is a composite material and plays an important role in electronic and electrical industry. It can be processed into switch, transformer, copper clad plate, circuit board and so on. Its main manufacturing raw materials are glass fiber and epoxy resin. The performance characteristics are very good: insulation, electrothermal performance, high temperature resistance, weak acid and weak alkali corrosion and friction resistance. The epoxy plate, tube, rod and so on can be produced in the way of laminating.

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