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The epoxy phenolic resin sheet is a hard plate-shaped insulating material which is impregnated with paper, cotton cloth, glass cloth, impregnated phenolic resin, epoxy resin, and baked by baking. Epoxy phenolic resin board has high mechanical strength, dielectric properties, oil resistance and corrosion resistance. It is suitable
for use as insulation structural parts in electrical machinery and electrical equipment with high requirements, and can be used in humid environments and transformers. The heat resistance rating is Class B.

Epoxy phenolic resin board technical requirements:

1. The appearance and surface of the epoxy phenolic resin board should be smooth and smooth, no impurities and other obvious defects are allowed, slight scratches are allowed, the edges should be cut neatly, and the end faces must not have laminated and cracks.

2, epoxy phenolic resin board size: area should not be less than 380 × 480 square mm, if special specifications, can be produced with the agreement between the supply and demand sides. Other data are detailed in the Ministry of Electrical and Mechanical Services standards. Epoxy phenolic resin board can process various
specifications of plates, tubes, mats, flanges, tiles, and special-shaped parts according to the requirements of the purchaser.

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