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Epoxy resin insulation board, glass fiber cloth has the following characteristics: non conductive, good insulation performance, epoxy resin insulation board will not corrode, its long service life, high mechanical strength, can withstand greater pressure, is a better electrical insulation material. Easy cutting is similar to that
of wood, and its chemical properties are stable. Epoxy resin insulation plate is acid resistant, friction resistant and high temperature resistant. Epoxy resin insulation board is widely used in mechanical, electronic, electrical, electrical, transformer plant, distribution cabinet factory. It can save large plates, prolong service life and save electricity.

The insulation material, insulation board, epoxy resin insulating board, 3240 insulation board and FR-4 epoxy plate can make all kinds of insulation parts. The production line has high automation, easy operation, greatly saves labor cost and improves production efficiency. Epoxy resin insulation board fiber board equipment
specifications: length 2440, width 1220mm width, thickness 0.3, -100 note: special specifications can be processed. The main advantages of the product: fire insulation: non – flammable a, the fire occurs when the plate will not burn, will not produce toxic smoke; low conductivity, is an ideal insulating material. Waterproof and moistureproof: in semi open air and high humidity environment, it can maintain stable performance and will not sink or deform.

Heat insulation and sound insulation: low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance, high product density and sound insulation. Construction is simple: dry operation mode, insulation board and epoxy resin insulation board plate installation construction is simple, fast, deep processing products also have the
characteristics of simple construction and better performance. Economical and beautiful: lightweight, effectively reduce the cost of engineering and decoration, uniform appearance and smooth surface, and direct use can make insulation performance on electrical equipment. Safe and harmless: long life: acid alkali,
corrosion resistance, no damage to tide gas or insect ant, and strength and hardness increase with time, guarantee over long service life.

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