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The glass cloth tube is made of an electroless alkali-free glass fiber cloth as an electric material, and is dipped with an epoxy phenolic resin, which is baked, hot rolled, and post-cured. The glass cloth tube has high mechanical, heat and dielectric properties, good chemical resistance and low cost, and the heat resistance grade is B grade.

The glass tube is used as a high-voltage insulating structural material in the electrical industry; as a component of radar, rocket, aircraft, etc. in the aerospace industry; as a transdermal material for sonar instruments in the marine industry; and as anti-corrosion in the petrochemical industry Solvent-resistant pipes; are also widely used in other industries.

Technical requirements

1. Appearance: The surface should be flat, no layering or air bubbles are allowed, but slight wrinkles and processing and trimming marks are allowed without exceeding the allowable deviation of the wall thickness. The inner wall allows for slight wrinkles. Both ends should be cut neatly.

2. The nominal inner diameter, minimum wall thickness and allowable deviation shall comply with the product specifications.

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