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Epoxy tube has high mechanical strength and is suitable for harsh environment. The coating has strong adhesion, high bonding strength and good impact resistance. The internal and external coatings can prevent metal oxidation and have good chemical corrosion resistance; the coating is resistant to aging and long service life, especially suitable for buried water. The surface of the epoxy tube should be smooth and smooth, without bubbles, oil and impurities, allowing unequal colors, abrasions, and slight unequal use. The epoxy tube with a thickness of more than 3 mm allows the end face or section to prevent the use of cracks.

Epoxy boards are mainly made of epoxy resin and glass fiber cloth, and the two kinds of raw materials are non-toxic. However, many epoxy boards are “toxic” because they have to add solvents and other poisons during the process of production. In recent years, the epoxy resin industry in China is maintaining the “non-toxic” nature of epoxy resin through waterborne modification and avoiding addition. Epoxy resins are commonly used in conjunction with additives to obtain application value. Additives can be selected according to different uses. The commonly used additives are: curing agents, modifiers, fillers, diluents and so on.

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