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①Most plastics are light, chemically stable and will not rust

②Good impact resistance

③It has good transparency and wear resistance

④Good insulation, low thermal conductivity

⑤It has good formability, good tinting and low processing cost

⑥Most plastics have poor heat resistance, high thermal expansion rate and easy combustion

⑦Dimensional stability is poor, easy to deform

⑧Most plastics have poor resistance to low temperature and brittle at low temperature

⑨It is easy to age

⑩Some plastics are easy to dissolve in the solvent

The so-called corrosion possibility of insulating pipes is the degree of anticipatory corrosion rate or expected corrosion impact in planned service life. It is impossible to predict the corrosion rate accurately. Because people can not fully understand the parameters of the system, and the randomness of local corrosion is uncertain. These arrows indicate the current density of the anode and cathode reactions at a specific instant. It must be assumed that two very narrow arrows will be exchanged periodically so that they have the same time in two crack locations. The results were corroded continuously along the surface.

An insulating sheet is usually a thin page form of a plant fiber, mineral fiber, synthetic fiber or its mixture, which is deposited on a paper machine through water or other medium. Insulation paper has high tearing strength, low elongation and good insulation, so it is widely used as insulation material in motor, cable, capacitor and transformer. It is also the main material of laminated materials such as laminated products, composite materials and prepreg materials.

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