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Some of the buyers who frequently walk in the insulation industry, or those who often need to contact the insulating materials, must have a certain understanding and understanding of epoxy panels. Epoxy resin plate, as its name implies, is a kind of insulating board made of epoxy resin.

Zhongtian Electric Group Co., Ltd. explains a series of processing flow of “epoxy resin plate processing piece” for everyone. The following is only a general idea, which contains many details, and it is not explained.

First, the selection of high quality epoxy resin. In order to save production costs, some bad businesses are processed by inferior epoxy resin, resulting in quite different performance of processed epoxy resin boards. Only the choice of high quality epoxy resin is the most necessary condition for making epoxy resin plate.

Second, accurately grasp the epoxy resin formula. If the technician can not accurately control the proportion of epoxy resin formulations, then the processing of epoxy resin may not perform well.

Third, advanced equipment is also the key to success. In the case of meeting the above 2:00, if the equipment lags behind, how is it possible to process a high-quality epoxy board? Precision equipment is also very important.

Fourth, choose a professional processing factory. In the same time using high-quality epoxy resin board, looking for an advanced processing equipment factory for processing is very important. Epoxy resin plate processing complex, we must need sophisticated equipment to process molding, and some machines even if the processing of the shape of the workpiece, but the processing of the epoxy plate processing parts must not be fine enough.

In fact, from the selection, production, processing these three aspects are very complicated, every step is crucial. So only strict control, in order to control the quality of its epoxy resin sheet processing parts.

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