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——1, Routine (Factory) Test Project
(11) lightning full wave impact test: 220kV and above, 120MVA and above transformers.
(12) operation impact test: 330kV and above transformer.
(13) induction pressure test with partial discharge measurement: 110kV and above transformers.
(14) external pressure test of low voltage winding and neutral point.
(15) partial discharge test: this test is the test of the test value of the factory.
(16) oil flow electrification measurement: 330kV and above the transformer with oil pump.
(17) the partial discharge test of the oil pump: 330kV and above the transformer with the oil pump.

2, type test project
(1) temperature rise test.
(2) the lightning intercepting wave has been tested.
(3) the full wave shock test of the neutral point by lightning.
(4) radio interference test

3, special test project
(1) sound level measurement.
(2) zero sequence impedance measurement of three phase transformer.
(3) the harmonic measurement of the no-load current.
(4) the measurement of the power absorbed by the fan motor and the oil pump motor.
(5) measurement of transient voltage transmission characteristics.
(6) withstand short circuit capacity test.

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