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The fine production of high temperature insulation paint should also strengthen the details of the generated link, such as temperature, humidity, atmosphere, etc., to avoid the unnecessary paint with free ions, hole electrons and the reduction of oxidation of electrons, and to avoid lattice defects in the conversion of inorganic lattice materials during the process of deep processing, so as to avoid the impact of coating. The conductivity of the layer.

The high temperature insulation paint, using special high temperature solution, the long-term temperature resistance can reach 1800 degrees centigrade, water inorganic ceramic material, the paint is pure inorganic polymer high temperature solution, the pigment is refined by high resistance inorganic crystal material.

Insulation paint can work at 1700 °C for a long time, the volume resistivity is more than 1016m, dielectric strength (breakdown strength), greater than 104KV/m, good chemical stability, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, good oxidation resistance, no flash point, burning point, high hardness, hardness greater than 7H.ZS-1091 high temperature insulating varnish, maximum temperature resistance 1700 °C, can be used The surface of the coated object is formed with a high volume resistivity, which can withstand strong electric field without breakdown.

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