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The insulating tube is a kind of insulating material, which is a general term and has the advantages of flame retardant, soft, heat-resistant, convenient to use, and reliable in electrical performance.

At present, most of lacquer tubes are made of glass fiber as low material, and the main coatings are oil insulating varnish, alkyd paint, acrylic paint, silicone paint, silicone rubber and modified polychlorinated hexene. In recent years due to the rapid development of electrical industry especially in household appliances, insulation paint tubes are required to have high temperature resistance, heat resistance, flame retardant, self extinguishing properties.

The insulation tube lead is a cable structure. If the sealing between the top connection plate and the conductive head is not strict, the rainwater will penetrate into the transformer along the casing top wiring board, the conductive head and the cable line. When the water enters the root of the transformer lead, it will lead to damp breakdown and cause power outage. In order to avoid this situation, the bolt must be pressed tightly to ensure the seal.

The above is a brief introduction of insulating sleeves. Please pay more attention to our insulation materials. If you have the demand for insulation materials, please contact us. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you

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