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Fish paper having good mechanical strength, high electric strength, surface smooth, chewy, widely used in the electrical, electronics, instrumentation and other equipment as insulating material, while for the production of 6250 polyester film composite foil. For example, between the fan blade of the household ceiling fan and the fan head, a layer of green paper is separated by screws. A green paper is placed between the spindle pressure ring of the lathe and the gear box. Green shell composite: The composite product made of thin electric insulating paperboard and electric insulating polyester film is a polyester film insulating paper composite foil, which is an E-class insulating material. The composite of cyan paper is a green shell composite, the product code is 6520; the yellow paper composite is a yellow shell composite, which also becomes a natural color composite.

The barley composite paper is a double-sided composite material obtained by coating a polyester film on one side with an adhesive and pasting an insulating paperboard (ie, green paper). This composite material has good dielectric properties and high mechanical strength. It is a shaped insulating material for the production of small and medium-sized low-voltage asynchronous motors. This composite material is commonly used as a slot insulation, inter-turn and gasket in E-class insulation structures. Insulation, usually used for other appliances. Part of the thickness of this product has been widely sold to Europe, America and East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia and other markets.

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