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Polyimide film is mainly used for flexible translucent substrates and conductive films for OLED lighting/display and thin film solar cells, and corona-resistant film materials. The translucent polyimide film is resistant to high and low temperatures, high strength, and transparency to visible light.

This technology is a scientific research result of the accumulation of technology related to polyimide materials. Transparent polyimide film has two very urgent needs, one is as a flexible substrate for thin film solar cells, and the other is to replace glass as a flexible substrate for next-generation OLED illumination /display. It has become the basic material of the new generation of products in the two fields of solar cells and advanced lighting/display technology in China. The market prospect is broad and significant.

The synthetic process and preparation technology of resin glue used in polyimide film materials are mature and stable. At present, the preparation of transparent film has been realized and samples have been provided to related customers. The research work on corona-resistant film materials has made preliminary progress. Preparations for the industrialization of related projects are underway.

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