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Engineering plastics with excellent self-lubricating, wear resistance, low friction coefficient and special occlusion, the current plastic instead of metal metal as a bearing material advantages: small friction coefficient, good wear resistance, with self-lubricating properties and good resistance Corrosion performance, can work in harsh lubrication conditions.

1, PA bearing, namely, PVC, nylon. PA bearings are widely used in automobile, toy and non motor fields. It has good wear resistance, small friction factor, and easy to mould and turning. The working temperature of the composite nylon bearing with glass fiber, aramid fiber, PTFE and MoS2 as fillers is 300. Aramid fiber plays an important role in improving the wear resistance of PA66, and is one of the best materials in the field of wear resistant materials at present. Adding PTFE to the PA bearing material can improve its sliding property. If LLDPE/AS (5%) and PTFE (10%), which are compatible with its part, are added to the PA system, the synergistic effect of the two will make the modified effect better. It can not only improve the performance of the material, but also reduce the cost.

2, PEFE bearings, including PTFE, commonly called Teflon, also known as the “king of plastic”, since the excellent lubrication performance, low friction factor, is the most ideal manufacturing engineering plastic bearing materials. PEFE bearings can be used in thermal power plant, ceramic factory and so on. PEFE bearings are usually made of steel base and copper powder in the middle. The surface is composed of three parts of PTFE, which combines the advantages of metal and plastic. There is no doubt that the bearing of this material is the most widely used.

3, POM bearings, generic POM, usually called steel. The POM bearing filled with PTFE in POM can increase the PV limit value from 7.2MPa m/min to 13MPa m/min at the speed of 12m/min. When the speed is 120m/min, the PV limit will be increased from 6MPa to m/min to 8MPa. M/min.

4, PI bearing, the name of polyimide. PI has outstanding wear resistance, high temperature resistance, dimensional stability and formability, good inherent flexibility and high strength. It has the highest tensile strength in all engineering plastics, which is necessary for bearings working in vacuum and at high temperature or low temperature. It is worth mentioning that the wear rate of PI in the inert medium is very small at high load and high speed. The common filler of polyimide is graphite, PTFE and steel wire. When the speed is 15m/min, the typical PV limit value is 10MPa. M/min; when the speed is 60m/min, the limit value of PV is 20MPa m/min. It is expected to be used as a wear-resistant material for space use equipment because of the low volatiles and low friction factors of PI in the vacuum.

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