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There are many kinds of insulation materials. One of them is high temperature resistant insulating material. High temperature insulation materials have good applications in many industries, and at the same time, they have the following patience:

1, high temperature resistance: the glass transition temperature is as high as 143°C and the melting point is 343°C. After GF or CF filling, the thermal deformation temperature is as high as 315°C. The long-term usage temperature approved by the US UL is 260°C.

2, chemical erosion: in addition to high concentration of concentrated sulfuric acid and other strong oxidizing acids, high temperature resistant insulating material is similar to the PTFE resin chemical resistance, but also to retain the integrity of its mechanical properties in various chemical reagents, is extremely excellent corrosion resistant material.

3, water resistance: soaking in hot steam and hot water for a long time still can maintain good mechanical properties, and it is the best anti hydrolytic property of all the resins.

4: the radiation resistance and weather resistance, high temperature resistant insulating material has excellent resistance to radiation, such as gamma ray irradiation can withstand and maintain its characteristics, can be used in various environments.

High temperature resistant insulation materials are widely applied in automotive parts, semiconductor industry, aerospace industry, petrochemical industry, machinery industry, medical industry, electronics and electrical appliances. Welcome customers to call for details.

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