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FR4 is a code for combustible material grade. It is made of imported electronic non alkali glass fiber cloth, which is impregnated with epoxy resin and processed by hot pressing. It has better performance in mechanical strength, heat resistance and other properties. And the 3240 is composed of electrical grade E-glass fiber cloth impregnated with epoxy resin and phenolic resin on hard plate, hot pressing processing of insulating materials.


Characteristics of the Products

FR-4 products with excellent machining performance; excellent low water absorption (absorption rate is almost 0, soaking for 24 hours, the water absorption rate of only 0.09%); good insulation strength, chemical resistance, impact resistance and thermal radiation; adapt to the good performance of tensile strength, flexural strength and low temperature. No matter in high humidity or dry environment, it has good electrical and electrical properties, and has the characteristics of small loss of electrical property, and it has the flame retardancy and heat resistance. 3240 has a certain electrical insulation performance.

Product Color

The color of FR4 is natural yellow (the color of pure epoxy resin). After thermosetting, there will be some differences in color depending on the time of firing, which will not affect the performance of products. And 3240 is yellow.

Comprehensive Performance Comparison

1. Compared to FR4, the breakdown voltage of 3240, vertical layer to electrical strength is lower, the insulation resistance is relatively smaller after immersion, and the strength is slightly lower.

2. 3240, when processing the insulation fasteners, especially those with complex shapes, the processing surface is not properly handled, and it is easy to absorb moisture and produce stratification, which leads to parallel layer resistance to low voltage and affects the quality of products. When FR-4 is made into insulating fixer, the processing surface is smooth and the layer phenomenon is not easy to be produced, and the quality of the product is stable.

3. FR-4 has heat resistance, continuous working temperature (air) 150 degree C, and has flame retardancy, UL 94VO grade. The flame retardancy of 3240 is very low and can not reach UL 94VO level; the thickness tolerance is larger and the product with higher electronic level is not applicable.

4. The price of 3240 has a greater advantage than the price of FR-4.

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