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Epoxy glass cloth laminate: high mechanical strength at high temperature, good electrical stability under high humidity. Suitable for mechanical, electronic, electrical equipment insulation structure components.

Insulation laminates, also known as laminates, many types of insulation laminates, phenolic cotton cloth laminate, epoxy glass cloth laminate, insulating paperboard, silicone glass cloth laminate, melamine glass cloth laminate, diphenyl ether glass cloth laminate, bismaleimide glass cloth laminate, polyimide glass cloth laminate, graphite glass cloth layer platen, high-strength epoxy glass cloth laminate, referred to as insulation board.

For mechanical and electrical use, suitable for motor, electrical equipment in the insulation structure components. Insulation material has good dielectric properties, is to have the insulation resistance and compressive strength is very high, to avoid leakage, creepage and breakdown; secondly, heat insulation performance is better materials, mainly to ensure that not because of the heat effect of long-term performance and change; in addition, thermal conductivity good resistance to moisture and has high mechanical strength and easy processing etc..

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