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Electrical insulating film, because of its good electrical, mechanical, heat and chemical inertia, good insulation performance, high breakdown voltage, especially for electronic and electrical insulating materials, commonly used standard thickness are: 25μm, 36μm, 40μm, 48μm, 50μm, 70μm, 75μm, 80μm, 100μm and 125μm (microns). These include wire and cable insulating membranes (thickness of 25-75μm) and touch-switch insulating membranes (50-75μm).

With good transparency, high stiffness, heat stability, good surface smoothness of the performance, uniform longitudinal and horizontal tensile properties, and has waterproof, oil and chemical protection and other excellent performance. Dedicated to the protection of pictures, documents, documents and office supplies packaging, so that the film as a protective coating after the smooth and beautiful, can maintain the original clarity and deformation. Common standard thickness is ten. 75μm, 12μm, 15μm, 25μm, 28μm, 30μm, 36μm, 45μm, 55μm, 65μm, 70μm, of which 15μm above mainly as a laser anti-counterfeiting film or high-end protective card film used.

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