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GPO-3 laminated board is a kind of rigid plate insulation materials, by non-alkali glass fiber mat board for unsaturated polyester resin paste, and add the corresponding additive made by hot pressing. The insulation materials used in
mechanical and electrical industry, more in high humidity environment can still be very good electrical performance. Has the very good flame retardancy, common product color such as white, reddish brown for GPO-3 Laminate, it has
the following advantage of specific performance:

1.Electrical insulation
Including GPO-3 laminate, all products are good insulators, electric insulating layer pressure due to its unique performance characteristics, widely used in the field of electrical engineering technology.

2. Flame retardant performance
Because of its special composition, under the condition of system on fire will not burn, have very good flame retardancy,

3.Techanical strength
Under the high pressure intensity, GPO-3 laminate made by special materials not crush.

4.Heat-resisting performance
GPO – 3 laminate in the process of heating up, since it has good stability, can endure live in 120-210 ℃ and 210-210 ℃ machinery within the scope of the high pressure.

5.Easy to shape
In manufacturing the GPO-3 laminate, easy for punching, drilling, mechanical processing, cutting and grinding, etc.

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