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The insulation material, insulation board, epoxy resin insulating board, 3240 insulation board and FR-4 epoxy plate can make all kinds of insulation parts. The production line has high automation, easy operation, greatly saves labor cost and improves production efficiency.

Epoxy resin insulation board fiber board equipment specifications: length 2440, width 1220mm width, thickness 0.3, -100 note: special specifications can be processed. The main advantages of the product: fire insulation: non – flammable a, the fire occurs when the plate will not burn, will not produce toxic smoke; low conductivity, is an ideal insulating material. Waterproof and moistureproof: in semi open air and high humidity environment, it can maintain stable performance and will not sink or deform.

Our company was initiated in 1958 as a pivatal manufacturer of electrical insulation material for New China.We prided ourselves in offering electrical insulation products and solutions for worldwide motor,power,military and aviation companies in the past 60 years. As we ourself are also end user of our own electrical insulation material,so we understand very very well about your electrical insulation material requirements.chining parts in electric equipments insulation structure, screw and wear resistant structure in machinery etc.

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