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Heat shrinkable Plastic film is required at room temperature stability, heating (glass temperature above) contraction, and is in one direction occurs more than 50% of the heat shrinkage is ideal. Heat shrink plastic Film packaging characteristics are: paste transparent, reflecting the image of the product, tight bundle packaging, good resistance to disperse, rain, moisture, mildew, no recovery, there is a certain security function. Heat shrinkable plastic film is commonly used in the convenience of food, beverages, electronic appliances, metal products, such as packaging, especially shrink label for its main applications.

Besides being used as shrink label, the heat shrinkable plastic film has been used in the outer packing of daily commodities in recent years. Because it can not only make the packaging items to avoid impact, rain, moisture, rust, but also to make the product to the printing of exquisite packaging to win the user, at the same time it can well display the good image of manufacturers. At present, more and more packaging manufacturers use printing shrink film to replace the traditional transparent film. Because the printing shrinkage film can improve the appearance of products, conducive to product advertising, brand brands in the hearts of consumers to create a deep impression.

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