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The description of high-overload transformers

ZTELEC mainly produces 35KV, 20000KVA and below S9, S11 series oil-immersed power transformers, dry-type transformers, American box transformers, European box transformers, power transformer core processing and body processing, and can design and produce special transformers according to user requirements. Non-standard transformers with an annual production capacity of 2 million KVA. High-, low-voltage, and low-voltage transmission and distribution electrical equipment with an annual production of more than 20,000 sets. Advanced technology and strict quality management have won the trust of customers. Customers are located throughout the country. Emirates, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

The company follows the people-oriented, honest and trustworthy business philosophy, with first-class products, quality service in return to our customers for their support.

Ordinary transformer detailed introduction: 10KV / S11 oil-immersed transformer

The new S11 three-phase oil-immersed transformer adopts the unified national design standard, the insulation structure is advanced and reasonable, the short-circuit resistance is strong, and its performance reaches the national level.

Compared with S9 products, the average no-load loss is reduced by 10.25%, the no-load current is reduced by 37.7%, the average load loss is reduced by 22.4%, and the structure is reasonable and beautiful. The fuel tank can be a chip type according to user requirements. And tube cooling.

The advantages of high-overload transformers

High-overload  transformers have the following advantages: 1. Aiming at the special use situation of low annual average load rate in rural areas and short-term and large-scale increase of loads during the Spring Festival and busy periods, the basic power capacity is guaranteed , Not only meet the needs of long-term power consumption of small loads, but also take into account the needs of short-term power consumption of overload. 2. High overload capacity distribution transformer has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, small no-load current, low reactive power loss, and strong resistance to sudden short circuits. What grid is suitable for high overload distribution transformers? High overload distribution transformer technology is mainly developed to ensure the economical and safety of rural power grid operation. The annual average load rate of the rural power grid is relatively low, but the power load is concentrated during the period, and the load increases sharply during the festival, which easily causes the conventional transformer to be overloaded for a short time or even burned. However, the transformer capacity cannot be artificially increased, resulting in the phenomenon of “large horse-drawn carts” which is not in line with the economics of grid operation.

The overload capacity of high overload distribution transformers meets the following overload requirements according to the characteristics of the rural network load without affecting the normal service life of the transformer. 1.5 hours of rated capacity for 6 hours; 1.75 times the rated capacity for 3 hours.

The main reaction phenomenon of transformers under overload conditions is the rapid rise in temperature. Oil-cooled transformers can be used with a higher capacity level after forced air cooling is added. If the transformer is operated beyond its rated capacity, as long as the transformer temperature does not exceed There is not much problem at 80 degrees. If it exceeds 80 degrees, the load will be reduced. Generally, it is not allowed. In special cases, the winter does not exceed 30% of the rated load, and the summer does not exceed 15% of the rated load. The load time is 2 hours for the outdoor transformer at 1.3 times the rated load, 30 minutes for the outdoor transformer at 1.6 times the rated load for 1 hour indoors, 15 minutes for the indoor for 15 minutes, 15 minutes for the outdoor transformer, and 8 minutes for the indoor. When the rated load is 2 times, the outdoor transformer does not exceed the limit value in 7.5 minutes and indoor 4 minutes.

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