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Epoxy adhesive diamond dotted Electrical insulating paper is the use of special high-quality paper which is a power cable with a double-sided adhesive modified epoxy resin obtained by a conformal coating to diamond lattice points insulating paper. DDP Epoxy Resin Insulation Paper has been widely used in various oil-immersed transformers and transformers for interlayer or inter-turn insulation, and has been widely adopted and recognized by the transformer industry.

This product is a general-purpose interlayer insulating paper for transformers and transformers. It has good oil absorption and does not pollute various oils. At the same time, it has excellent electromechanical properties in oil, and its coated epoxy resin can be A strong adhesive force is generated between the coil or other electrical components to prevent the displacement and looseness of the coil and the electrical components during operation, thereby ensuring the safety and reliability of the electrical equipment such as the transformer during operation.

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