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Insulating bar is made of several kinds of insulating materials, such as high quality glass fiber cloth, epoxy resin and 306 resin phthalic anhydride, glass fiber reinforced plastic cloth and curing agent. After the first high temperature, the mold was first fixed on the mold and then the die was removed; after second high temperature grinding, a rough grinding, two fine grinding, and then made into other glass steel products in the paint.

The product has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, light structure and convenient operation, and has excellent mechanical and electrical properties. The product is suitable for all kinds of high pressure conditions, and has good insulation performance and safety.

High voltage insulating bar is used for insulating tools operating at short time for electrified equipment, such as connecting or disconnecting high voltage isolating switch, falling fuse and so on. The surface of the insulating rod is smooth, without bubbles, wrinkles or cracks; the bonding between glass fiber and resin is intact; there is a plug at the end of the hollow pipe, and the joints are firmly connected.

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