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CEM-3 uses glass cloth and glass mat composite substrate in raw materials, not pure glass cloth, and FR-4 is laminated with copper foil and glass fiber cloth impregnated with flame retardant epoxy resin. The two are very similar in the production process. Both vertical gluing and horizontal gluing can be used. In order to better improve the performance of CEM-3, a certain amount of filler can be added to modify it to meet different thickness requirements. Different standard weight glass mats can be used to meet different thickness requirements.

G11 epoxy insulation board is made of imported electrician with alkali-free glass fiber cloth dipped in imported epoxy resin, and added corresponding imported flame retardant, adhesive and other additives; cardboard-like insulation material by hot pressing. Flame-retardant grade
UL94-VO grade, good mechanical properties at high temperature, good processing performance and insulation performance, is a common raw material for insulating structural parts in motors and electrical equipment. G11 epoxy insulation board can also be used in humid environment and transformer oil, high voltage switchgear, high voltage switch and so on.

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