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The name of the fiberglass board is obvious. Some of the constituents are glass fibers, and the other part is chemical fiber or cotton resin. This composition gives the product the property of sound absorbing and heat insulation, while at the same time providing a flame retardant. If you have any need to know about the product, you can pay more attention to the information of the website to do further information. The online customer service staff can answer your questions with professional patience, let you have more information about the purchase of the product, and more grasp.

The FR-4 board is made of FR4 material. The FR-4 board is low in cost and easy to manufacture and process. Our FR-4 board can be cut into different sizes according to customer requirements, and has high mechanical and dielectric properties. Good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and good machinability. The advantages of the FR-4 board in various applications are more obvious.

Fiberglass substrates are made up of a woven fiberglass material and impregnated with a flame resistant material. The material is rigid and can also be drilled cut or machined but due to the abrasive nature of the fiberglass, tungsten carbide tools are needed. An FR-4 is a stronger substrate compared to an FR-2 and is more resistant to cracking or breaking and are usually found in higher end electronics.

Our downstream industries mainly include PCB industry, LED industry and electrical materials, rail transit and other industries. Our various types of copper plates, insulation materials and other products can be directly used as substrate materials in the production process of printed circuit boards. Printed circuit boards are widely used in computers, communications, consumer electronics, industrial / medical, military, semiconductor and automotive. And other industries, almost all electronic information products. Among them, computers, communications and consumer electronics are the three main application areas, accounting for about 70% of the PCB industry’s output value. In addition, various types of insulation materials are directly used in the production of insulation assemblies, and end customers mainly include electrical and electronic, instrumentation, computers, communications, consumer electronics and transportation.

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