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What is an insulated joint?

The insulating joint is also referred to as electrical conduit has sealed insulation joint performance and electrochemical protection engineering requirements of buried steel pipeline, which comprises a pair of insulated steel flange, flange and flange groove, and the hook ring seal, insulation parts and welding flanges with relatively small one end of the steel pipe joint.

SY/T0516-2005 insulation joint is a special part of natural gas and chemical pipeline. It is released by the 2005 06 month to 16, by the national development and Reform Commission, Chinese petroleum and natural gas industry standards, this standard instead of the SY/T0516-1997 standard, the insulating joint colorful increased, basic requirements of structure design, manufacturing and assembly, testing and inspection, canceled the calculation example strength of flange type II insulating flange.

Installation requirements:
1. insulating joint located within 50 meters, to avoid welding die.

2. insulating flange and pipe connection, not in the joint lift pipe within 5 meters.

3. insulation joint and pipeline instrument test pressure.

4. insulation joint is connected with the pipeline, the surface temperature of the insulation joint should not be higher than 120 degrees centigrade.
5. insulation joint can be installed on the underground straight pipe section.

6. insulation joint is installed on the ground, it should be installed on the straight pipe section 20 meters away from the elbow and set up the support.

7. installation should be avoided at perennial water storage.

8. The center wheelbase of the joint should be installed on the same line with the center wheelbase of the pipe, and the two center wheelbase should not be more than 0.2mm when it is installed.


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