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What is the flammability of insulating materials? Let us take a look at the following: The flammability of an insulating material refers to the ability of an insulating material to resist combustion when it contacts the flame or when it leaves the flame. As the application of insulating materials is expanding, the requirements for its resistance to combustion are more important, and various methods are used to improve and improve the flame resistance of insulating materials. The higher the resistance to combustion, the better its safety.

Its characteristics mainly include the following: chemical corrosion resistance; luster, partially transparent or translucent. Most are good insulators. Light weight and sturdy; easy to process and mass production, and inexpensive. Widely used, useful, easy to color, and partially resistant to high temperatures. Store the goods to prevent moisture.

Since the resin coating of the diamond dotted paper is in a dot shape to ensure the immersion of the oil and the discharge of the gas in the insulating material, corona and partial discharge are effectively avoided, thereby ensuring the safety and reliability of the insulating structure. It can also be used as a cable shielding isolation layer and anti-corona material for high-voltage motors and electrical appliances.

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