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As the quality of the manufacturer’s products, the quality of the company is the foundation of the company. The high-quality products can not only obtain the trust of customers, but also establish long-term cooperative relationships and minimize the cost. The outflow of defective products is fatal to the company. Therefore, in order to avoid the production of inferior products in the process of producing PE rods, the following points should be emphasized.

First, PE is a kind of crystalline material. It has little hygroscopicity and does not need to be fully dried. Its fluidity is very sensitive to pressure. The temperature of the material should be kept even and stable during molding. The filling speed is fast and the pressure is fully maintained. Do not use direct pouring. The mouth can prevent uneven shrinkage and increase internal stress. Pay special attention to the position of the gate to prevent shrinkage and deformation.

The second point, the shrinkage range and the shrinkage value are large, the directionality is obvious, the deformation is easy to warp. The cooling speed should be slow, the mold is provided with a cold hole, and there is a cooling system.

The third point, the heating time should not be too long, otherwise decomposition and burns will occur.

Fourth, when the soft plastic part has a shallow side groove, the mold release can be forcibly performed.

The fifth point, the possibility of melt fracture, should not be in contact with organic solvents to prevent cracking.

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