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How do you choose these two materials? From the view of product characteristics, FR4 epoxy plate has excellent mechanical processing ability and can be processed into various parts. The water absorption rate is very low, almost zero. After 24 hours of immersion in water, the water absorption rate is only 0.09%. It has good dielectric strength, can withstand high voltage, and also has the advantages of radiation resistance and high temperature and low temperature resistance. The continuous working temperature can reach 150 ℃. In mechanics, tensile strength and bending strength are also good. The most important thing is that the insulation is better.

The performance of the 3240 epoxy board is almost the same as that of FR4, but compared with that, the vertical layer strength is low, the insulation resistance after immersion is small, and the flame retardance ability is only UL94VO level. From the color, the color of FR4 is black and green, and 3240 of the color is yellow and water green. In practical use, 3240 is used in medium and low – grade electronic products, and FR4 is used in high – and middle – grade electronic products.

In terms of price, the price of FR4 epoxy board is higher than that of 3240 epoxy board. If the demand for materials is not high, using 3240 will save cost. If the requirement is relatively high, it is still reliable to use FR4. Zhongtian Electric Group Co., Ltd. produces various types of epoxy plates, which can be purchased by our company.

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