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Epoxy plate is a kind of insulation material used in electric field. It is widely used in the manufacture of insulation parts such as electric transformer framework. But the market may not understand. In the process of producing epoxy board, why is there bubble condition? If there is such a situation, how to deal with it?

3240 Epoxy Plate

Zhongtian Electric Group Co., Ltd. reminds you that this is due to the fact that the plate and substrate are not completely bonded during the production process, so that the air exists in the adhesive place, so the bubble is generated. So what should we do with this situation? We need to do some of the following precautions according to different reasons.

1. If it is found that there is porosity on the stainless steel plate used for pressing sheet, it is impossible to solve the problem by manual grinding alone, and only needs to change the steel plate to solve it. If there is a strip scratch on the plate, then the scratch position of the reflux line can be found by the scratch position on the steel plate.

2. If it’s just a slight scratch, we can take the artificial sandpaper grinding method to deal with scratches, and you don’t need to worry about whether grinding will affect the plates. Zhongtian Electric Group’s nearly 60 years of production experience told everyone that there is no need to worry about this problem.

3. If it is a plate problem, there is a bubble. After separating the plate, it can be found that the base material will be white. The plates that are not perfect for the quality can be sandwiched in the middle when the ingredients are made, and the resin on the adhesive chips can be repaired when the next processing is processed.

Here, we Zhongtian Electric Group remind you that when bubbles appear in the process of producing epoxy plates, we first need to find out the causes of bubbles, and then develop different ways to deal with them. If you have better suggestions or views in this area, you can leave a message to us. We sincerely hope that we can bring a better quality epoxy board for all of us.

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