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FR4 epoxy plate is a kind of plate widely used in electrical equipment. Because of the existence of different production processes, the FR4 epoxy plate has different qualities. Today, we will explain how to improve the quality of FR4 epoxy plate.

FR4 Epoxy Plate

First of all, starting with the resin formula, we can use the molecular chain long resin to avoid the warpage of the substrate. The paper based copper clad plate has solved the problem of warpage of FR4 epoxy plate since the use of tung oil modified phenolic resin. This also provides a technical reference for other types of laminates.

For the base material, we should also choose the better quality. In the production practice, it can be found that the same glue and production conditions use different paper to produce FR4 epoxy plate. Some will be warped and reverse warp. According to this phenomenon, we can intentionally mix the paper with different warpage in the production process, and then get the FR4 epoxy board with good flatness.

With good materials, the production links and technical parameters need to be strictly controlled. In the process of producing FR4 epoxy plate, it is necessary to strictly control the parameters and ensure the content of the resin and the time of the gelation. This is a necessary measure to improve the quality of the FR4 epoxy plate. The fluidity and gelation time is a very technical problem. It is necessary to get the best control parameters through a large amount of production experience.

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