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The use of dry-type transformers has become very common that has become an important part of people’s production and life and also an indispensable and important part.

First, the network operation

First, the network operation of dry type transformer

After the auxiliary protection device and monitoring system are grounded and commissioned, the dry-type transformer should be run under no load. The protection system should be checked and adjusted after three shock closing operations.

After the product leaves the factory, the high-pressure side voltage regulating tap position is connected according to the rated value position. Voltage adjustment is required during operation, and the corresponding tap connection can be performed according to the tap voltage indicated on the product nameplate and it must be performed when the power supply of the dry type transformer is cut off.

The dry type transformer adopts BWDK series temperature controller. The temperature measuring element is embedded in the upper end of the low-voltage coil. It can automatically detect and patrol the respective working temperature of the three-phase coil. When the coil temperature reaches the design temperature, the thermometer can automatically start the fan, stop the fan, alarm, trip and set the temperature. The user can adjust it according to the instructions of the thermostat.

二 、 Maintenance of dry type transformer

After running for a period of time, the dry-type transformer should be powered off to perform the following necessary inspections and maintenance.

Check the coils, cores, wire seals, tap terminals, and fasteners at various locations to see if there are any damage, deformation, loosening, discoloration, overheating traces, and corrosion. If there are abnormal conditions, you should find out fault and take necessary measures.

Remove the dust from the dry-type transformer. All areas that can be touched by hands should be wiped with a dry cloth, etc., but do not use volatile cleaning agents. The hard-to-remove parts inside the core coil should be cleaned with compressed air.

The dry-type transformer equipped with the fan should also remove the dust and accumulation in the fan (be careful not to deform the blades of the fan due to damage), and check the grease of the fan bearing, and supplement or replace it if necessary.

After the inspection and maintenance are completed, before the dry type transformer is put into operation again, it should be carefully checked whether metal or non-metal foreign matter has fallen that left in the coil and iron core, and on the insulation.

Safety matters about dry type transformer

The power of the temperature controller should be obtained through the switch screen, not directly connected to the dry-type transformer.

Before the dry-type transformer is put into operation, the grounding system of the dry-type transformer room must be inspected.

The door of the dry-type transformer housing should be closed to ensure the safety of electricity consumption.

The dry type transformer room should have measures to prevent small animals from entering to avoid accidents.

Workers must wear insulated shoes when entering the transformer room. Pay attention to the safety distance of the electrical parts and do not touch the dry type transformer.

If the noise of the dry type transformer suddenly increases, you should immediately pay attention to the load of the dry-type transformer and the voltage of the power grid, strengthen the observation of the temperature change of the dry type transformer and contact the relevant personnel in time for advice.

Dry type transformers should be inspected once every 3-5 years. At this time, some preventive tests can also be done.

The installation,testing, operation and maintenance of dry type transformers must be undertaken by qualified professionals.

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