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How to judge the good and bad transformer

With the progress of arc and people strict request. In … Continue reading How to judge the good and bad transformer

With the progress of arc and people strict request. In order to adapt to the masses, the transformers are moving in a direction of lightness and convenience. However, there are still bad manufacturers who imitate the inferior products to flood the market.

The no-load current of a high-frequency transformer is the primary current measured by the primary rated voltage. The product of this current and the incoming line voltage is the no-load loss, which is the iron core loss. It is the sum of the eddy current loss and the hysteresis loss of the iron core in the alternating magnetic field. Therefore, the smaller the no-load current of the transformer, the better the quality of the iron core and the reasonable design of the ampere-turns.

The copper loss of a high-frequency transformer is the loss caused by the DC resistance of the primary and secondary conductors. Therefore, to determine the copper loss, I2R can be measured by adding the rated current. Adjust the voltage regulator from 0V to make the ammeter read as the rated current of the high-frequency transformer. Use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the primary of the high-frequency transformer at this time. Multiply this voltage by the rated current of the transformer is both “copper loss. Because of the secondary The short circuit, the voltage on the primary must be very low. The magnetic flux of the core is extremely small, the iron loss is also very small, can be ignored. Therefore, the measured I2R is accurate. The smaller the loss in this test, the resistance of the enameled wire value is small, the higher the load rate of the high-frequency transformer. As the capacity of the high-frequency transformer decreases, the loss increases at the same time. Because the copper loss of the small transformer is greater than the iron loss. The lower the open circuit loss of the high-frequency transformer and the smaller the short-circuit loss means better quality. During operation the lower the temperature rise, and means the good load rate. Thus, the performance of the high-frequency transformer can be known in a short time.


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