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I believe that you can often find an organic glass card box in the exhibition, or a card on the office. As the development of organic glass in China is relatively slow, so most of you see are some handicraft or household goods. In the market, because of the uneven quality of plexiglass, many businesses often cut corners, or use some secondary plexiglass materials to process finished products, and sell them at a high price. In order to avoid this situation, we have arranged some information and hope to help you.

One: look at the thickness of the plexiglass. People who deal with acrylic products often know that products on the market are generally tolerable, and some businesses are Jerry building, some of which are unavoidable errors in machine cutting. The smaller the tolerances of the better organic glass, the more it can be determined according to its own needs. If it is to do some handicraft gifts, display shelves, display articles, this will not affect. But to do some lens panels, product accessories and other requirements of a higher thickness must be in advance with the relevant manufacturers to specify the relevant standards.

Two: look at the transparency of the organic glass products. It is known that the transparency standard of the organic glass is 92%, which is more transparent than the glass. After the transparent organic glass is processed into a product, the polishing is also transparent, almost the same as the surface. So we have to compare the transparency of the plexiglass. Generally speaking, all the acrylic products we get from the manufacturer or shop have protective paper. After splitting, the transparency of plexiglass is controlled. The blue and yellowish plexiglass are all made up of recycled materials plus new materials, and the highly transparent plexiglass is all made of new materials.

Three: look at the protective paper and brand logo of the plexiglass face. Whether you are a wholesaler or a self-employed person, it is recommended that you choose a regular manufacturer to make a customizede or purchase, choose the relatively large PMMA acrylic manufacturer at home, or a good manufacturer in some area. Because most of the materials used by the powerful manufacturers are imported raw materials and domestic production.

As for how to judge the good or bad of plexiglass products, we have explained this to you. I believe you have a certain understanding of how to distinguish the quality of plexiglass products by explaining the above contents. Even if you don’t know anything about acrylic products, just follow the above methods.

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